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fuck attractive people

that’s the plan

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teacher/parent: do you read a lot

me: yes

teacher/parent: what do you read

me: *thinks about just how you’re going to break it to them that you read unthinkable amounts of fanfictions every week*

me: just books

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I’m crying.
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Wonderland xo Writing | FanFiction
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Violet Rae Merlotte

Violet “Vi” Rae Merlotte (born August 30, 1991) - shapeshifter (go to form is a cat) - waitress -

Known relatives: Sam Merlotte - father - shapeshifter (go to form is a dog) - owner of Merlotte’s Bar and Grill
Angela Sweet (deceased) - mother - shapeshifter (go to form was a horse)

Violet Rae Merlotte was born in Auburn, Alabama, but moved to Bon Temps, Louisiana with her dad when she was eight. Her dad opened up Merlotte’s Bar and Grill when she was eleven years old. 

Violet started waitressing at Melotte’s when she was fifteen years old. She’s good friends with telepath/waitress, Sookie Stackhouse; bartender, Tara Thornton; and cook/V dealer, Lafayette Reynolds. She graduated from Bon Temps High School in June of 2008.

Violet is born to two shapeshifters, and shifted the first time when she was two years old in a bunny.

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